Storm Water Culvert Pipe Restoration

Centri-Cast is a new state-of-the-art material by Five Star Products, who is an industry leader in innovative restorative materials for new and old structures. Consel is excited to be a preferred applicator!
Centri-cast is a high performance cementitious mortar designed for sealing and rehabilitating the structural integrity of concrete and metal corrugated storm water pipe systems and man holes. This product and method is successful in midsize to large iameter pipes ranging from 36” to 120” in diameter. This method is quick, easy, and cost efficient. There is no need to disturb the roadways, flow of traffic, or bring large heavy back hoes on site to repair the pipe. The repairs are typically designed by an engineer, DOT representative, or inspector. The design Centri-cast thickness depends upon the size of the pipe, the surrounding water table, water loads, etc. The Centri-cast product is a one component, fiber-reinforced hydraulic repair material enhanced with migration corrosion inhibitors which create a dense and highly impermeable repair coating.

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Consel Inc. is a specialty contracting company established in Naples and has been diligently servicing Southwest Florida and the Southeastern United States since 1983.

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Consel, Inc. specializes in innovative services related to foundation repairs, soil stabilization, water stoppage, concrete radar imaging and pipe relining systems. Our environmentally friendly services provide a scope of solutions for new and old structures. The design for your repair is achieved by our years of experience, close relationships, and networking with engineering firms and well known product suppliers.

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