New Construction Grout Displacement Pilings: Commercial tower and infrastructure foundations.

New construction grout displacement piles are unique in that the equipment required for installation is much less intrusive; and there is no driving to disturb the neighbor; damage nearby existing structures; or require expensive vibration monitoring during pile installation. This type of pile in many cases can achieve higher loads at the same depth, or the same loads at shorter depths than can precast piles. Unlike auger cast in place piles, there are no messy spoils to remove from the site, only the excess grout overflow need be removed.

Pile diameters range from approximately 10 inches to 16 inches determined by the bit size used for drilling the pile, loads required, and the soils encountered. Different bit designs can be used to install through sands, or create rock sockets by using the percussion ability of the drill. Depths can be achieved to fifty (50) feet utilizing our one of a kind hydraulic mast which extends from a closed transported length of approximately 35 feet to a extended length of approximately 55 feet. The designed Micro-pile is formed by drilling a hollow drill rod and drill bit to the cut off elevation, while injecting grout, and then extracting the bar and bit from the hole while continuing the positive grout flow from the surface. After the hollow rod is extracted, a #9 or larger grade 75 Williams all-thread rod (Minimum ultimate strength 100 kips) with centralizing footballs will be inserted the full depth, and a plate will be attached at the top to anchor into the foundation. If a cage is required this can be achieved, however, additional costs will be incurred. Drilling: The micro-piles are installed arotary percussive hydraulic drill. The drill rod should be installed at a maximum of 3' to 4' per minute with a rotation speed of 100 to 120 rpm. The tubular threaded anchor acts as a drill rod and grouting conduit.


Grouting: During the installation the pile is installed to the designed pile length, and a portland sand cement grout, type II or V, with a flow cone of approximately 20 to 30 is pumped as the pile is advanced to the bottom of the shaft. Grouting pressure in an open hole can reach 800-1000 psi depending on the drill hole depth, grout density, duration of the drilling and the ground conditions. The vibration and the rotation during the drilling and grouting process results in a homogeneous and compacted grout body. For corrosion protection a minimum grout cover of 20 mm is maintained. Due to the continuous pumping of grout during the entire drilling and boring process, 100% grout cover is guaranteed. This system can also be utilized with a special high pressure pump and thinner grouts to create soil stabilization columns for soil modification of low bearing soils. This system works much like a jet-grouting system to permeate and stabilize the surrounding soils. Utilization of a thicker lower strength grout can be used to create soil mix columns for increasing the bearing capacities of low strength soils where pile steel is not required.

This system is a truly unique and versatile system which allows for a many faceted approach to site remediation and stabilization. One machine, many possibilities! Let Consel solve your next site soil problem.


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