Manta Ray Anchoring System: Repair sea walls and and retaining walls.

The Manta Ray Anchoring System is a patented anchor system utilized for repairs of seawalls and retaining walls in hard to access locations. The head of the anchor is shaped somewhat like a shovel which can be driven to varying depths with small hand carried pneumatic or hydraulic equipment. Once the anchor head is to the proper depth, the anchor is tensioned utilizing the anchor locking jack which causes the head to rotate to a perpendicular position to the extension rod thus forming an anchor plate capable of anchoring retaining walls and seawalls into place.

This system is exceptionally well suited for very limited access locations behind existing homes were seawalls and retaining walls are failing and need to have additional tiebacks installed for stability. With different sizes available with capacities of up to and ultimate of 40 Kips and a working load of 10 Tons these anchors can easily be utilized to stabilize existing seawalls and retaining wall with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

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